Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust -
  • "Namo Brahmanya-Ddevaya Go-Brahmana-Hiur.taya Ca Jgad-Dhitaya Krsnaya Govindaya Namo Namah, Namo Brahmanya-Ddevaya Go-Brahmana-Hiur.taya Ca Jgad-Dhitaya Krsnaya Govindaya Namo Namah"

  • "Worshipping in Hindus has been moving since the ancient times, worshiping is the key to make the God happy getting the blessings from them and pray them to forgive our mistakes"

  • "You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace." "A child is never mild, it can be wild, its upto us to tame it and pay it with rights"

  • Your single penny can help to helpless people who also have the dreams to get married just like elite class people. Please Donate and support them.

We are Yogiramnath Gaushala Trust.

"Be the CHANGE that you want to see in the WORLD"

Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) is a well recognizes Gaushala in Delhi in Ramesh Nagar area, a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit or a Non-Political voluntary social service Organization. Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) our main goal is to save the cows on the streets of Indian roads and to propagate and promote the love for cows in the hearts of every Indian Citizen.

The members of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) are very dedicated and are indulged in various social activities for saving cows and providing them shelter, food etc. and also take care of the needs and other basic requirements of the cows. The main objective of the members is to serve the cows those are thirsty, hungry, roaming around the streets and roads, unattended cows. Our members also cater the cows those do not produce milk by giving them proper medical treatments. Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) also, care for those cows who can neither speak or stolen. Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) deems that these animals need more personal attention than a human being deserve.

Started with a "Gaushala" in "New Delhi, Ramesh Nagar area", the members of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) has also been hooked themselves in supporting the poor and less privileged peoples over several years, by replenishing them with the food, clothes and shelters. Our institution also support, by providing them employment opportunities so, that they can live a proud full life for themselves and for their families as well.

Our Institution also, support for the Poor and orphaned girls Marriage of any cast and religion, by helping them upon all the needs and requirements as per their religion to bond two souls in a sacred relationship. Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) support in Poor and orphaned girls marriage by providing them all the basic requirements needed at the time of marriage, some provision like furniture, jewelry, clothes and utensils. We also, make available all the other needful arrangements for the marriage and make sure to let them be celebrated by the families of their child's marriage.

Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) has engaged themselves in various educational programs for the poor's for those who can't afford the educational expenses and for those also who are physically challenged but have a strong will to be educate. Our member's of Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) support them by providing them enough funds for education, books, and stationeries items by your help through the donations. This is our responsibility, towards our country as well as for those who are unable to get education. So, please come forward to help those who really need you.

"All the money we have is actually given by the God. So, come forward and help others and show them right way of life, which really need it. Please Donate for the right causes."

Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust

Cow is the source of progress and prosperity, our trust excel the free veterinary care to sick and stray cows and care for their meals and other needy....

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Orphan and Poor Girls Marriage

Our Institution helps maximum number couples per year of poor families in their marriage and have bond over 35 couples in sacred...

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Yogi Ramnath Children Education Trust

Education is cardinal in breaking down the cycle of hunger and poverty for poors and unprivileged, our trust support those people...

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Request a Priest to Perform Go-Pooja

Our Priests Performs Go-Pooja for The Good Health and Wealth of Your family and for your Business as well...

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Our Latest Work

Cows Adoptation

Adopted sick cows to give them medical treatment and other needed care....

Admission of poor children

Helping Poor children for Admission in vidhalaya and other education related...

Assistance in Marriage of Poor Girls and Orphan

Arranged marriage of a poor girl....


Arranged Go-Pooja for a Hindu Family with a Pandit....


"I am happy to Acknowledge all the programs that have been launched by the Yogi Ramnath Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) for spreading the awareness regarding the Love for Cows, Education support for the poors and unprivileged people also the support for the Orphan and Poor Girls Marriage."
Smt Sudesh Manchanda (Chairman)

"Change is possible" and I hope a lot from this NGO, because as a President of Yogi Ramnath Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi), I can see how our volunteers and members are giving their full support to the needy people and helping them in every possible move."
Shri Kailash Chand Sharma (President)

" Volunteering and Managing the Yogi Ramnath Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi), is been a great way to support the people who are not able to perform their educations expenses, medical treatments and other day to day utilities. All thanks to the NGO's Members, Volunteer and the Donators, for their high support and i hope, now we can look forward and extend our trust's support for the people in need. "
Shri Gaurav (Volunteer Coordinator)

" Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) a Non-Governmental Organization aims to provide all the types of remedies to the Cows and Buffalos organization also provide support for the poor and unprivileged people. And to do so, we need help from you, because your donations are the true assets for them. "
Shri S.W Haider (Legal Advisor)