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Education is the right of every child, the mind of a child is like an empty slate where you can write anything you want and that will show also, whatever you teach them and the things they catch ,will behave in that way only as because kids are so vulnerable and grasp the unique things so easily and attractively. They react to the things as they observe around them in that way only. That's why the education is necessary for every child in our country and it is their right also as defined in (Right to Education Act 2009).

Education is a road to success that is to be followed by every child to reach their full potential in life. But, many children of some backward areas or poor families are still need to be blessed with this life changing phenomenon.

Yogi Ramnath Goushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) aims to provide education support to the maximum numbers of poor children who are not able to pursue it because of their financial conditions, those who are homeless and orphaned or underprivileged. Our desire is to provide education to the children of every poor family so that they can equips themselves with the knowledge and skills they need to realize their potential and to protect themselves from harm, not only this a better quality of education also brings a better quality of life, which can be further translate into huge benefits for the society.

Yogi Ramnath Goushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) is a prayas of our volunteers and members those are associated with the Trust in order to fulfill all the requirements for the education a child needs by making them available all the basic requirements like Textbooks, stationery assets, school uniforms, bags etc. And, that all is only possible, because of the kind people like you and your help in looking forward to help those underprivileged children by making donations to our NGO.

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Our institution also helps or supports the children who are talented and have the desire to do something in their desired profile and want to excel in the life to fulfill their dreams, we support them by granting them scholarships and various educational grants so that, those students can see their dreams come true.

Your gift can help into the pay of school fees or provide essentials like school uniforms, textbooks, backpacks, and school supplies - helping ensure that one child in poverty can receive what he or she needs to get an education.

"Please Donate for the great cause, your donated amount can be more worthy for the ones who need it."