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Pujas and Hawan

If worship is so much faith in humans heart it means there is definitely has a solid reason behind the unwavering faith that is the God, as per Hindus religion belief the God is always around us. Vedas are the giver of worship. Worshipping in Hindus has been moving since the ancient times. They believed that Puja (Worshipping) is the key to make the God happy, getting the blessings from them and pray them to forgive our mistakes. In Hinduisms the Puja and Worshiping is the prayer for the desired God with all the rituals performed by the Hindus on special celebrations, any special events or while performing any spiritual activity like Hawan. In Hindu religion the Worshipping can be done on variety of occasions, it may include Puja and Havens at home for the peace and good luck, Pujas can be performed at the opening of new office, purchasing of a new house or land etc. Nevertheless, Vedas, Hawan-Yagya or Pujas are eternal truths having neither beginning nor end, and are Apourusheyam (divine, nor the creator of humans).

Importance of Pujas and Hawan

According to the Vedas, when we do some worshiping/ Hawan or Puja at our living place or working place, the rays from the holy fire of the Hawan comes up with the positive rays which are very much affected and can get down all the negative energy of the surrounded atmosphere. Not only this, as per our religion, the worshiping of the God and the Goddess also gives us the right way to choose the right direction for our self and also gives us the strength to make others to walk on the right way. It is also said that, performing spiritual activities like Hawan and Pujas are also beneficial for the protection against the various diseases and ailments as per the Hindu religion.

The importance doesn't ends here only:

  • One can perform the Pujas and Hawan to get the Devine grace and Blessings of the God and the Goddess.
  • The Pujas and Hawan can also be done for the removal of malefic effects of various planets.
  • Pujas and Hawan can also be performed for the Health, Wealth and Prosperity.
  • It can be done for the Spiritual upliftment
  • Hawan or Pujas can be done for the ones peace of the mind or for at home.
  • To maximize the quickness of the actions and results.
  • Yogi Ramnath Goshala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) also provides service in the all type Pujas, Hawan and Goudaan. We have saints to do all the worshipping activities for you and also tell you what the right time to do that particular activity is. The Puja/Hawan can be done at your place or at the temple of the Goshala as per your will. We include all type of Pujas like:

  • Hawan-Yagya For Wealth
  • Hawan-Yagya for Health
  • Pujas and Hawans for Jobs
  • Hawan-Yagya for Education
  • Hawan/Puja for Wealth includes the worshiping of Goddess MAHA LAKSHMI and SRI. SUKTHA (best day to perform this Puja is on Friday); this hawan is used to be performed, when someone is facing financial difficulties in their life and are willing of wishing to earn wealth in abundance. It mainly brings prosperity.

    Hawan/Puja for Wealth includes the Worshiping of the Lord Shiva and the Hawan is known by the name of MAHA MRITHYUNJAYA. This Hawan is performed to avoid the prolonged sickness and untimely death. Since the offerings in this Hawan-Yagya are durya grass and amrita (herb), it is believed that this Hawan-Yagya bestows longevity on the performer/worshipper for long and healthy life.

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    Hawan/Puja for Jobs includes the worship of MAHA SUDHARSHNA of Lord Sri. MAHA VISHNU with his 5 Weapons knows as (Saarangamu (Dhanusu) Bow, Nandakamu (Sword), Kaumodaki (Gadha), Panchajanyam (Sanku) Sea Shell, Sudarshanam (Chakaram) Wheel). From all of these weapons the most powerful and extraordinary weapon is Sudarshanam (Chakaram) Wheel as per spiritualities weapon mantras i.e (Sudharshna Mantras) are equivalent to his weapon it will destroy all evil and destructive enemies. By Performing Hawan-Yagya with effective Sudarshana mantra it will destroy all Obstacles and helps us to reach Superior Position.

    Hawan/Puja for Jobs includes the worshipping of MATA SARASWATI the wife of Lord Brahma and possesses the power of speech, wisdom and learning. She has representing four aspects of human personality in learning mind, intellect, alertness, and ego. By performing Puja and Hawan-Yagya to goddess Saraswati one is blessed with success in the examinations, gains concentration.
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