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"Cows are the path to heaven; they are worship-able even in heaven. Cows grant desirable objects, therefore there is nothing superior to the cows."


The cow has been a symbol of wealth since ancient days in the Indian History. However, they were neither inviolable nor revered in the same way they are today. The cow's status as a "caretaker" led to identifying it as an almost maternal figure (hence the term Gau Mata). But, what is happening nowadays with these Worshipable creatures is that, they are being slaughter by the people who are hunger of their beefs. Despite of being so spirituals and worshiping the God and the Goddess, India is the Second Largest Beef Exporter after Brazil shocking but true. Is this how we worship out our so called "Gau-Mata", which is meant to be the one who gives us the lives and fulfills our daily basic needs like the milk and other useful requirment?

"Unseen they suffer, unheard they cry, in agony they linger, in loneliness they die"

Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) is a registered trust, formed on 1994. Since, its inception Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) has been in the forefront of taking care of the cows and buffaloes. The Trust has been working seamlessly since its inception under the able guidance and inspiration of Smt. Sudesh Manchanda, the Founder and President of Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust. We take care of cows not only under normal circumstances but also during the break out of sudden diseases. For this purpose, we take the help of government machinery and expert veterinary doctors. For the fulfillment of above goals we prepare development oriented plans and organize programs based on these plans.

The main objective behind the conception of Gaushala is "Selfless services to Cows and Buffalos". As any other state New Delhi has a large number of stray cows on the streets, these are the Cows and Buffalos which are crippled, unwanted, abused, handicapped and sick. For these lovable creatures Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust is a home and sanctuary.

The Aim of Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) is to provide of solace to these cows and buffalos and make the streets of Delhi neat and clean, beautiful and free of stray cattle. At Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) the cows and buffalos come from over the entire city, once they are here, they are safe, well cared and well feed.

For the last two decades, Yogi Ram Nath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) is engaged in Indian Cows and Buffaloes rearing activity. We take care of Indian Cows and buffaloes not only under normal circumstances but also during break out of sudden disease by providing them better and regular checkups from the experienced medical specialists.

Our Gaushala contains many types of Cows breeds; they all are picked up from the streets of New Delhi in the unattended conditions, we took them in our Gaushala to provide them medical treatments, proper food, shelters and all the necessary needs. With the help of our volunteers now we have more than 35 Cows and Buffalos in our Gaushala and rising as well, and everyday approx. 100 Ltr. of Milk is produced which is distributed among the poor and needy people across the roads and the streets.

Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) gives necessary guidance to the interested people by explaining them practically regarding the types of vaccination should be administered and when is to be administered, in order to maintain the resistance power for cows or cattle or may be raised if needed to the required level or if needed before they get attacked by any disease. Our Institutions also take care of the cows, which are under the pregnancy and are about to born a new calf. Our drovers take special care for them, by giving those special treatments, timely meals and all the basic requirements that the cows needs at that time.

Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust

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"Gou" means Cow and "Daan" means Donation. Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) also accepts the donated cows because they have a greater importance in the Hindus religion. From the ancient times, the Kings and the other people used to donate the cows to the Brahmins because of the belief that, one must donate at-least one cows in their whole life. The benefits and blessings are simply endless. We have the priests that are in order to arrange all the devotional activities related to "Gau-Daan" and will inform you the best time for the Donation, because as per Hinduism religion timings for these worshiping things matters a lot and are only beneficial if they have been done at the right time.

In regards with all the activities that are been played by the Yogi Ramnath Gaushala Trust (Prayas NGO Delhi) in order to help poors in terms of Education and Marriage and for the Gaushala as well, we would like to thank you to all (i.e. Donators, Workers and Volunteers) from our heart, for their kind support and help, without your help we would have been nowhere in order to help needy people. Our trust's achievements are because of you kind people. And we hope for the same in the future as well to serve the society of non-privilege people with your help.

"Please Donate for the great cause, your donated amount can be more worthy for the ones who need it."